What is it?

Our loyalty schemes help you to capture, get to know and retain your clients.


  • Time. Control and automatic monitoring of your clients.
  • Links. Active interaction with the client.
  • Dynamism. Improve shopping frequency.
  • Dialogue. Improve direct communication.
  • Emotion. Create a real and enduring connection with the user.
  • Differentiation. Identify yourself as unique.
  • Knowledge. Key information about your clients.
  • Positioning. Improve your value proposition.


  • Client acquisition material:
    Cards, diptychs, displays
  • On-line training
    On-line techniques for client acquisition and loyalty
  • Dashboard
    With the evolution of your client’s principle indicators
  • Voucher generation
    For the accumulation of points
  • Client segmentation
    With the greatest detail possible
  • Campaign mail outs
    Mail and SMS in just two minutes
  • Personalised campaigns
    Adapted to the pharmacy’s strategy
  • Private client zone
    For all kinds of consultations.

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