Part Time Management

What is it?

The allocation of a qualified and experienced professional to guide, orientate and assist in the development and implementation of an establish plan of action.


  • Strategy. Study made into your business and a strategy established.
  • Planning. Establishment of guidelines.
  • Monitoring. The assigned professional will regularly monitor the development of the action plan steps.
  • Performance. Equip the pharmacist and team with graeter skills and knowledge, thus obtaining ensuring greater profitability of the business.


  • The assignment of a part time professional exclusively for management development.
  • Proposal and validation of a strategy
  • Action plan. An action plan designed for a period of 9 months.
  • Face-to-face visits to your px (5 visits).
  • Team tracking with a strategy and action plan to follow.
  • Report of objectives, evaluation and results.

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