Optimal Category Distribution (OCD)

What is it?

Optimal category distribution is the study of how to distribute product categories on retail display shelving, at a modular level.


  • Appropriate product range.
    Drawing on the consumer habits of potential clients the display shelving is optimised for each of the categories of over-the-counter sales.
  • Optimisation of the sales space.
    Assuring the greatest profitability of the new commercial space.
  • Positioning.
    Positioning carried out according to the pharmacy strategy and setting.


  • Analysis of the setting to establish the main profiles of potential clients.
  • Sales objectives.
    To set the sales objectives for each of the retail showroom categories.
  • Stock definition.
    To define the stock coverage necessary to achieve the sales objectives.
  • Retail shelving.
    From essential stock we move on to the corresponding retail shelving for each of the over-the-counter categories.
  • Modules.
    From the retail shelving requirements, we deduce the number of modules necessary.
  • Optimal category distribution.
    Appropriate adaptation and distribution for the retail space, optimising cold and hot zones in addition to routes.

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