What is it?

The campaign plan gathers together all the actions carried out over a period of time to communicate with our client and offer them services and promotions of interest.


  • Dynamization
    We help you to ensure that your sales space and on-line environment are dynamic.
  • Value
    We offer the client more than they expect
  • Profitability
    We help you follow a business strategy and achieve your objectives.
  • Contact
    We enhance interactions with the client.


  • A strategy to follow in the current plan
  • A calendar signaling the period in which campaigns will be active
  • The composition and slogan for each campaign
  • The implementation of objectives and the monitoring of their achievement
  • A study into the position of communication in the sales space
  • The design and production of materials by our specialists
  • Sending clients mails and SMS’
  • On-line support for social networks, web sites…
  • A report on results to enable a correct control of campaigns

And if you want more… Olfactory marketing

We create an olfactory experience by producing an exclusive fragrance for each campaign.

Including the perfume diffusion machine and exclusive perfume for every campaign.

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