Sales Advice

What is it?

Training of your Pharmacy team in sales advice, with the goal of improving customer services and professionalising pharmaceutical advice, translating into an increase in clients’ average sales receipt.


  • Motivate and align the team with the strategic objectives by means of a change in skill set and attitude towards sales.
  • Move beyond the mere dispensing of medication to Pharmaceutical Advice.
  • Optimise the profitability of your business reflected in the average receipt.
  • Monitoring to be sure that the team has absorbed and understands the training aimed at improving skills sets and knowledge.


  • Analysis.
    – We determine the most common pathologies treated in your pharmacy and laboratories of strategic interest.
    – We carry out an analysis of the principle profitability indicators of the pharmacy and the implementation of objectives for the team.
    – We elaborate systems sales protocols drawing on the previous phase of analysis.
  • Face-to-face Training that consists of 2 parts:
    Motivational training: working on changing attitudes, moving on from mere dispensing to sales advice.
    Technical training: systems protocols developed in accordance with the results obtained from phase of analysis will be presented.
  • Monitoring Access to our training website, our e-learning platform, where the team can continue building their knowledge of anatomy, pathology, pharmacology and where they can practice via role play scenarios to continue to give the best pharmaceutical advice.

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