Pharmacy refurbishments

We feel that on occasion carrying out a refurbishment involves high expenditure and an investment of time without an analysis of its benefits.


  • We renovate the image of the shop, attracting new clients.
  • We create a better visualization of the main categories making the product more accessible and increasing impulse buys.
  • We improve the commercial route to the sales point.
  • The brand image is present throughout the retail space.
  • The team works in greater comfort and order.
  • We work on creating special lighting for distinct areas.
  • An improvement in pharmaceutical services.
  • Clients are more comfortable in the space, improving their shopping experience as users of the pharmacy.


  • We create a road Map, to analyse your business and its setting.
  • We draw up a positioning strategy and from this develop a draft plan.
  • We define theproject in all its areas; furnishing, civil engineering and actions within a work schedule. In this way all the stages of the project are clear.
  • We carry out the refurbishment of the space in all the areas outlined.
  • Once the pharmacy is open we carry on working with our client, above all on those actions contracted to unify the installation with the client.

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