CONCEP· refurbishment and transformation of pharmacies

Els Jutjats Pharmacy

Mataró, Barcelona

The challenge

To improve our approach to clients by eliminating barriers, creating welcoming spaces and above all improving interaction with the pharmacy personnel.

The idea

To eliminate counters. To work on the definition of a Retail concept that places the client in the centre of the commercial strategy.

The result

A significant increase in sales in pharmaceutical categories since re-opening following refurbishment, in addition to the many congratulations received by the pharmacists in the “Els Jutjats” Pharmacy from their clients.

The history

When the pharmacy contacted Concep, they were very clear that they wanted to work in their remodelled premises in a very different way to the norm: they did not want counters. We accepted the challenge and started work on the definition of a Retail concept that would place the client at the centre of their commercial strategy. Traditionally a pharmacy has been a centre for dispensing where clients buy from us, we don’t sell to them. Whereas at Els Jutjats, the approach that has become a fundamental aspect of the pharmacy, is to listen to clients, get to know their tastes and needs, and carry out a personalised sale.

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